Archonic is the Business Identity of Joshua Mark

Joshua Mark

Joshua Mark, Founder and CEO

Although a recent graduate of the Interactive Multimedia and Design program at Carleton University, my investment in the industry began long before this degree. Teaching myself web design and development started in 2003 and I’ve been at it ever since. My formal education served as a great compliment to my exploration and got me into more involved languages like PHP, Actionscript, C and it’s variants, Javascript and many authoring tools such as the Adobe suite.

While I’ve reached a professional level with web design and development, I continue to expand my horizons with 3D modelling, animation and game development using tools like Maya, Z-brush, XNA, UDK, Unity and more. Right now, I’m excited to dive into mobile game development.

What Do You Do?

I have my fingers in many pies. I do anything digitally interactive or designed. I’m currently most skilled at web design and development but I’ve also designed logos, developed games, done motion graphics and even product photography. Just take a look at my portfolio and services pages.

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How Is Archonic Different?

When founding Archonic, I dismissed many (dated) founding principals of business. Sustainability based goals were chosen over profit based goals, community-serving chosen over self-serving and proactive measures over reactive measures.

Billing for example, is a fair, sliding scale, depending upon the experience and difficulty of tasks involved. I’m not going to charge the same hourly rate for e-mailing as developing software. Fair for me and fair for you.

Project management is done on both the client and agency side. An online project management tool gives clients a real-time look at progress and lets them become a part of the process by communicating on the smallest aspects of their project. It also provides the means to user test, bug report, feature request.

How Do We Proceed?

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