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Joshua Mark

Joshua Mark, A pretty cool guy

My investment in this industry began more than a decade ago. Which makes me feel old. Fiddling about with HTML and CSS, then eventually Greymatter (ya, Greymatter!) and WordPress led to some very early employment. My Bachelors of Information Technology, Interactive Multimedia and Design degree complemented my self exploration as I dabbled in an assortment of languages, frameworks and tools. There were many.

While I’ve reached a professional level with web design and development, I continue to expand my horizons with 3D modelling, 3D rendering and a few hardware projects involving the Raspberry Pi. My highest levels of experience currently lie with Ruby on Rails and WordPress, though I’ve also worked with Drupal, Omeka and a few archaic systems I’d rather not recall. I’m currently most excited about developing a production ready app using Meteor.js.

What Do You Do?

Generally, if it’s on the web, I can do it, with the exception of ASP or Java. I’m working on the Java part. I currently have a preference for large SAAS (Software as a Service) projects built with Rails. I have a long history with front-end development and usability, but don’t let that fool you! I have years of experience developing with Rails and WordPress and am working my way into new frameworks like Meteor.js and Angular.js. It can be tremendously useful to have a back-end developer who understands the front-end and how users interact with it.

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