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Collaborase is a web app designed to reduce the heavily bureaucratic process of ...

Saskatoon Headhunters

Slapped together in a weekend, this one is pretty simple. My local ...

Ministry of Love – Target Acquired

This is a 4×6 double sided flyer done for a local rave, ...

Configuring Capistrano with RVM and Passenger Standalone

I wrestled this setup on and off for 3 days and it’s time to chronicle the affair. My setup is Ubuntu 12.04 with multistage deployment of a Rails 3.1.10 app on a per-user RVM installation using Capistrano to deploy and restart an Apache Passenger Standalone. If you have different (but similar) versions of any of […]

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jQuery-ified Rails Flash Notice

Have an existing Rails app that uses the flash[:notice] and flash[:error]? Cool. Updating your app with some jQuery AJAX? Even cooler. You could use :data-remote => true and get the flash notice back in whatever view your controller responds with, but there are some use cases where ye olde flash notice will give that feedback […]

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Meet Ups for Ottawa Web Developers

Developers and designers in Ottawa have the blessing of an active and social community with a number of supporting companies. These are great opportunities to network, hear about job openings, learn more about your trade and get free pizza and red bull while you’re at it.

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The Easiest Way to Build Less Files

Windows often sucks for building things. Sublime Text 2 with package manager however, is the bee’s knees and makes simple build processing a breeze (no rhyme intended). No manually installing node and associated less building packages or mucking about with what directory you installed things. Just hit ctrl + b and be done with it. […]

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Improving Workflow with Sublime Text 2 – Tuts+ Free Course!

A professionals workflow is critical to their productivity. It takes years to arrive at the current choice set and will adapt with the release of new tools or the move to a different language or platform. Sublime Text 2 has won the love of the developing community, and most certainly deserves. it. Multiple cursors, package […]

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Want to Learn Ruby?

I’ve heard both sides of the spectrum – Ruby is easy and Ruby is hard. The official word, from The Book of Ruby, is that Ruby has a deceptively easy “English language” type syntax but at the same time, the language is full of pitfalls just waiting to swallow a new comer. There’s a number […]

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