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Ministry of Love – Target Acquired

This is a 4×6 double sided flyer done for a local rave, ...

My Dream House – Exterior Rendering with Mental Ray (Maya 2012)

Here’s the result of a Digital Tutors tutorial on exterior rendering. The ...

Arctic Divide – Senior Project

Arctic Divide was a 360° immersive, multi-player, unique game for a unique ...

Meet Ups for Ottawa Web Developers


Developers and designers in Ottawa have the blessing of an active and social community with a number of supporting companies. These are great opportunities to network, hear about job openings, learn more about your trade and get free pizza and red bull while you’re at it.

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The Easiest Way to Build Less Files

sublime text 2 + less

Windows often sucks for building things. Sublime Text 2 with package manager however, is the bee’s knees and makes simple build processing a breeze (no rhyme intended). No manually installing node and associated less building packages or mucking about with what directory you installed things. Just hit ctrl + b and be done with it. This also works for any other OS.

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Improving Workflow with Sublime Text 2 – Tuts+ Free Course!

A professionals workflow is critical to their productivity. It takes years to arrive at the current choice set and will adapt with the release of new tools or the move to a different language or platform.

Sublime Text 2 has won the love of the developing community, and most certainly deserves. it. Multiple cursors, package control management, hundreds of high quality plugins and perhaps most important – it’s blazing fast. What’s more, is that when you change platforms or frameworks, all you have to do is install the appropriate packages and adjust your settings. As with nearly any task in sublime text, this takes literally just seconds.

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Want to Learn Ruby?

I’ve heard both sides of the spectrum – Ruby is easy and Ruby is hard. The official word, from The Book of Ruby, is that Ruby has a deceptively easy “English language” type syntax but at the same time, the language is full of pitfalls just waiting to swallow a new comer.

There’s a number of great resources for both new programmers and veterans, but regardless I’d suggest starting at

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Don’t become a W3Fool!

You’ve heard of the W3Consortium. You may even love them! In your quest to become more immediately hire-able, you stumble across W3Schools certification courses. Seems like a good idea? It’s not.

W3Schools Intervention

It turns out that the W3C is not affiliated with W3Schools at all. No serious employers take W3School certification seriously and it may even be a mark against you for giving into the misinformation. W3Schools also keeps out of date information published, and in some cases publishes information that was never true. W3Fools informs you to it all.

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FITC 2012 Toronto and Amsterdam Opening Titles

Though I didn’t attend FITC Toronto this year in person, I enjoyed the live streams from home and looked into some of remarkable projects.

FITC is in Amsterdam as well and the Opening Titles video is quite good. Attempting to convey the torture of a creative mind, Soulbase Motion Design and Menno Fokma Studio, both of the Netherlands, created a delve into a the roller coaster of emotions of a man named Sam. Anyone creative will find it relatable.

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